Hello to all my FREEMOVE FAMILY...


Thank you all for your love and support. FREEMOVE has gone through some changes lately and made the decision to pause during this very important and historical time that we are all living in today.  During this pause, I myself felt compelled to completely rethink why I created FREEMOVE and also questioned the future I wanted to build with this very special movement. Once I reflected, I knew in my heart it was about building a community, an awareness, a physical, emotional and spiritual practice that we can all just let ourselves fall into. To shed layers of ourselves through movement ,trust and authentic and individual self expression. 

I have decided to make FREEMOVE a completely donation based platform so that ALL can experience the freedom of movement and continue to build a gorgeous heart forward community.  Thank You  .... I am humbled and grateful for your trust. I look forward to our journey together ...... let the movement and healing begin!!!

Love and light,


Another big announcement that will be

coming very soon!

Mia Michaels Raw (Reality at Work) will be my very personal writing and blog website that will be a place I will share my most intimate and raw thoughts and feelings about life as an artist, a woman...HUMAN.

Look for

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