The Mia Method is a structured and circular flow class that is connected through the philosophy of FREEMOVE.

This unique contemporary movement class focuses on conditioning, strengthening and creating space and length in the body without force or impact . This practice seamlessly moves through the series without stopping while everything is connected organically.Mia created this for those who want a full body workout yet wants the circular and organic flow of human contemporary movement.

The Mia Method combines strengthening,conditioning,stretching,loose technique, cardio,yoga, balance and FREEMOVE .


Mia believes  the Method is a healing and strengthening  practice that is the core and foundation of the physical connection to body and well being.

The Mia Method was created to go hand in hand with FREEMOVE. The more you build trust in your body ...The more you will then experience the freedom of movement.


A new and exhilarating approach to movement , fitness and well being that allows you to move freely and express yourself at any level. It is created and geared towards everyBODY!

 FREEMOVE  teaches you  to connect to your body and listen to how it naturally wants to move.  It will have you moving in your own unique and individual way while connecting to soulful and contemporary movement that is adaptable to anyone no matter age, size, level or ability.


The FREEMOVE philosophy has been a part of Mia’s creative process for years and has now been redefined and is accessible to everyone. How it moves, what feels good and what is nurturing to the body and soul are the key elements. FREEMOVE has no physical force or push, and absolutely no judgement! Mia started out creating this outlet for dancers but quickly realized that this shouldn’t be limited to just the dance world. Mia has always wanted to create a platform for non-dancers to experience the spirit and world of her movement that has been the ingredients of why she is loved by so many worldwide. FREEMOVE is where dancers, non-dancers ,athletes and all levels of fitness can experience firsthand this fresh therapeutic approach that empowers, celebrates your individuality and uplifts you not only physically and emotionally, but on a spiritual level as well.




With the state of the world that we are all living in today, FREEMOVE brings freedom and well being that is explored through your own individual movement and expression. It is an honest and intimate body and soul connected experience. This in turn raises a personal conversation around creating greatness out of limitations within yourself. This whole philosophy circles back into Mia’s earlier journey from her physical limitations starting off as a young dancer and choreographer and using them to her advantage to becoming the name she is today.

Mia is committed to making FREEMOVE a healing and energizing force in the world !

FREEMOVE will make your soul fly, your heart race and your body energized from the inside out.